The Four Things You Should Know about Siding Replacement

The Four Things You Should Know about Siding Replacement

The Four Things You Should Know about Siding Replacement

New siding is a big investment for both homeowners and commercial building owners alike. When making your purchase, you want the siding you pick to be the best long-term fit for the property to maximize both property value and efficiency. Making the right choice about when to invest in a siding replacement and the optimal material and color for your project ensures you will be happy with your new siding for years to come. New siding can add beauty, efficiency, and increased value. It’s a smart investment and one of our professionals at Heights Roofing would love to chat with you about your project. Give us a call today!

Determine the Best Time for a Siding Replacement on your Building

If you think it is time for a siding replacement, inspect your siding for any warping, which means it needs to be replaced relatively soon. In addition, you need to keep an eye out for any mold and mildew growth, which do not always point to failing siding, but could, instead, reveal other issues with the building. With wood siding, dry rot is another common problem. You might be able to replace dry rot-damaged sections; however, in these situations, we recommend a full siding replacement to ensure your building is maximized.

Understand the Benefits of Siding Replacement for Your Building

The Four Things You Should Know about Siding Replacement

The Four Things You Should Know about Siding Replacement

We will be real: siding isn’t cheap. Siding is an investment for homeowners and business owners, which is why it is smart for owners to make the purchase. We know new siding is not the most exciting purchase to make for one’s home or building, but it comes with a bunch of advantages that make the prospect appealing. For example, one of the benefits is that fresh, clean siding improves a building’s curb appeal instantly. Additionally, it also makes a building much easier to clean and maintain, saving you money in the long term.

Select The Right Material For Your Home

As you pick between your material options, consider your budget and the amount of upkeep you want to put into the siding, as, depending on the circumstances, upkeep varies. The siding you pick should be well suited for the climate, and it should fit in with the surrounding properties to comply with any potential homeowner’s association regulations.

Select The Best Color

You would want to pick a siding color that meshes well with the existing theme of the building without being overly matching. If you will be making other modifications to the exterior of the building in the near future, make sure the siding goes with these plans. Heights Roofing’s experienced professionals are ready to consult with you to determine the optimal options for your home or building. Reach out to us today to discuss your options! We look forward to hearing from you.

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