Repair or Replace the Roof? Your Roofing System Options

Repair or Replace the Roof? Your Roofing System Options

Repair or Replace the Roof? Your Roofing System Options

Homeowner association executives for condominiums meet regularly to discuss the association’s finances and direction. This includes maintenance of roofs, grounds, and recreational facilities in the condominium community. A property management company is oftentimes involved.

Commercial roof replacement is costly for condo owners and continual maintenance is a way to protect the building’s roof and extend its lifespan. A roof that is well-maintained and looked after by a professional roofing company will last many years. Additionally, to keep manufacturers warranties, you, generally, have to perform regular maintenance.

However, there are times when the roof of a building needs to be completely are partially replaced. A new roof is likely needed when:

  • There are several bald spots from missing granules in the shingles.
  • The remaining shingles are damaged and/or curled at the edges or cupped in the middle.
  • The roof is exceeds more than 20-25 years old.
  • Condo owners experience constant leaks from the ceiling.

Weather Damage

A community roof should always be reviewed after a major storm has moved through the Greenville, South Carolina area. The roof might have not have sustained any damage, but it should still be checked by trained professionals with the appropriate safety equipment. A trained roof inspector will also check the underlayment, soffits, and the fascia where the roof connects to the walls to ensure everything is in working order.

High winds could cause some shingles to curl at the edges or bulge in the center. This leads to the breaking of the sealing material and it could lead to leaks during heavy rain. Big hailstones could harm the granules in the shingle material that guards the roof. A big enough storm could completely ruin an older roof that has unmaintained shingles. A new underlayment would likely be necessary, a potentially costly expenditure. If a gutter is bent, dented, and/or broken, it should be replaced also.

Quality Service

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Locally owned and operated, our roofing company only employs highly qualified, experienced technicians. Our customers are the most important thing to us and we put pride in our craftsmanship. If you are unsatisfied with our work, we will make it right.

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