Roofing Greenville, SC

Roofing Greenville, SC: Heights Roofing has grown to be Greenville, SC’s leading

Roofing Greenville, SC

Roofing Greenville, SC

residential roofing and commercial roofing contractor. We’ve accomplished this objective by placing the needs of the customer at the center of our process. When clients who require roofing services in Greenville, SC work with Heights Roofing, they get the peace of mind that the job will be quoted accurately and completed within budget.

Tile Roofing Greenville, SC

Roofing tiles in Greenville, SC can be ceramic (clay) or cement even lighter types similar material. Tile roofs tend to improve air circulation compared to other types or roofs

At Heights Roofing in Greenville, SC we do install new tile roofs, perform tile roof repair as well as replacement. We can also help if you require re-roofing for your tile roofs. Our roofing crews are both knowledgable and experienced with tile roofing. Give us a call for a free estimate on your tile roofing in Greenville, SC.

Advantages of tile roofing

  • Tile Roofs are Fire-resistance
  • Tile Roofs tend to be durable and combustible
  • The roof tiles hold up very well in all types weather conditions especially hail damage.
  • There is minimal maintenance required for tile roofs.

Disadvantages of tile roofing

  • Weight
  • Cost

Shingle Roofing Greenville, SC

The most commonly used roofing material in Greenville, SC is either composition or asphalt shingles. Choosing a good warranty on shingles is very important. Shingles can be purchased in 3-tab style, architectural, designer. At Heights Roofing, we offer new asphalt shingle roof installation, as well as roof repair and replacement, and even re-roofing. Our roofing specialists are both knowledgable & experienced. Call us for a free estimate.

Advantages of shingle roofing

  • Shingle Roofs require little maintenance
  • Shingle Roofs are easily repaired
  • Shingle Roofs are compatible with just about all roof designs
  • Shingle Roofs are inexpensive
  • Shingles Roofs come in a variety textures and colors

Disadvantages of shingle roofing

  • Shingle Roofs are susceptible to heat damage.
  • Shingle Roofs can be damaged easily by weather conditions such as strong winds or hail damage.
  • Shingle Roofs are less durable.
  • Shingle Roofs should be avoided in rainy areas, since mildew, rot because of excess moisture

Flat Roofing Greenville, SC

The overall life expectancy of flat roofs in Greenville, SC depends on how owners maintain it. Flat roofs are primarily used by commercial or high rise buildings in Greenville, SC. However, due to technological improvements even residential homeowners are switching to the low slope flat roofs. But according to the Greenville, SC roof construction codes building and homeowners should choose white flat roofs to help decrease utility bills.

Flat roofs are primarily single ply (PVC, TPO, EPDM Rubber, Built-up and modified bitumen), Roll asphalt. Flat roofs in Greenville, SC require yearly inspections. Our roofing services in Greenville, SC include roof repair, roof replacement and new roof installation.

Advantages of flat roofing

  • Flat Roofs cost less
  • Flat roofs provide accessibility
  • Flat roofs have slightly unnoticeable slopes for water drainage.
  • Flat roofs are comparatively more resistant to hurricanes & hail damage than other roof types

Disadvantages of flat roofing

  • Flat roof coatings require maintenance.
  • Not all buildings are suitable for flat roofs
  • Flat roofs have a shorter life span (12- 15 years)

Metal Roofing Greenville, SC

The materials of Metal roofs provide strength, aesthetics and are Galvanized steel, Sheet metal, Aluminum, Copper, Stone coated steel, and Galvalume. Metal roofs are considered to be a smart way of roofing or re-roofing your residential, commercial buildings.

Advantages of metal roofing

  • Metal Roofs can lasts as long as the home or building.
  • Metal roofs are fast and easy to install.
  • Metal roofs are fire, hurricane, hail damage & weather resistant
  • Metal roofs require minimal maintenance.

Disadvantages of metal roofing

  • Metal roofs are expensive
  • Metal roofs increase the sound of rain-trapping or hailstorms.
  • Metal roofs may dent if large hail damage occurs.
  • Modifying metal roof is substantially more difficult than  other conventional roofing systems

Commercial Roofing Greenville, SC

Heights Roofing is a professional roofing contractor that specializes in top quality low slope and steep slope roofing projects. Our roofing experience in Greenville, SC ranges from roof replacement of commercial buildings to brand new roof installations.

We maintain a clean and professional work site. Our roofing specialists are both trained & experienced. Our work is completed within both the time and budget quoted.

Our Greenville, SC Commercial Roofing Services:

  • New roof installations in Greenville, SC
  • Roof repairs in Greenville, SC
  • Roof replacement or re roofing in Greenville, SC
  • Preventive roof maintenance in Greenville, SC
  • Roof inspection Greenville, SC
  • Emergency Roofing Services Greenville, SC
  • Gutters and insulation Greenville, SC
  • Water proofing Greenville, SC
  • Apartments new roof installation Greenville, SC
  • Apartment roof repairs Greenville, SC
  • Apartment roof replacement or re roofing in Greenville, SC
  • Insurance claims for Roofs in Greenville, SC

Residential Roofing Greenville, SC

Heights Roofing handles residential roofing projects in Greenville, SC with special care and we help our clients with the process of selecting roofing materials, warranties and insurance claims.

Our Greenville, SC Residential Roofing Services:

  • New residential roof installation in Greenville, SC
  • Residential roof repairs in Greenville, SC
  • Residential roof replacement and re-roofing in Greenville, SC
  • Residential roof inspection in Greenville, SC
  • Residential roof maintenance in Greenville, SC
  • Insurance claims for roofs in Greenville, SC
  • Free roofing estimates for home owners in Greenville, SC
  • Gutters and insulation (repairs, installation, replacement)

New Roofs Greenville, SC

Heights Roofing is the Greenville, SC roofing company with years of experience in roofing the industry serving the Greenville, SC area with the best services for roofing problems. If you have a new roofing installation project in Greenville, SC, the company you select for your project is important. While several roofing materials are available from a variety of different manufacturers, it’s hard to select the best roof system for your new roof in Greenville, SC. Our roofing experts will help you in selecting roofing materials. Heights Roofing is here to help you with the selection of materials based on your specific requirements and the location of your building in Greenville, SC.

Heights Roofing will not only help clients with the selection of roofing materials; Heights Roofing also gives clients some of the best warranties on roofs in Greenville, SC.

We help our residential, commercial roofing clients in Greenville by providing free estimates, free roof inspections and we help with insurance claims.

Roof Replacement Greenville, SC

Heights Roofing is the best roof replacement contractor in Greenville, SC. While on a re-roofing project we take care of all construction and plan each detail of the construction process including building location and budget. When our crew replaces a roof our crew will inspect the condition and afterwords decide whether to re-cover or replace it. Heights Roofing is here to guide you with the selection of materials based on your requirements and the location of your building or home in Greenville, SC.

As a roofing company in Greenville, SC we have great relationships with our clients which is proven by the amount of repeat business we receive. During the process of  installing a new roof on a multifamily projects or apartments in Greenville, SC we make sure that we maintain a safe job site.

Roof Maintenance Greenville, SC

Regardless of if you have a residential or commercial or even industrial roof repairs, heights roofing has an experienced crew capable of working on your specific type of roof. Heights Roofing is a great roofing company and roofing contractor for roofing projects in Greenville, SC. Heights Roofing is fully insured and possess extensive knowledge in the roofing industry. Please call us for your roof repair service on your commercial roof or residential roof in Greenville, SC.

Roof repairs are quite often completed after damage such as hail damage has occurred. It is important to explain that proper roof maintenance is the best way to avoid unnecessary costs. Unless you are experiencing trouble with visible damage or leakage, inspecting the roof more often than once a year is advisable. Roofing material is subject to wear and tear, and is your first line of defence from the weather damage. A roof that is neglected will eventually cost you way much more than what it normally would in terms of damaged roof boards, studs, and even interior ceilings and walls.




We would love to help you with your roofing repair and installation needs. Please give us a call today for a free estimate.


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