Some Top Tips For Staying on Top of Roof Maintenance

Some Top Tips For Staying on Top of Roof Maintenance

Some Top Tips For Staying on Top of Roof Maintenance

More than likely, your home is one of your family’s biggest investments, so taking care of it is of the utmost of importance. One area that is particularly important is your roofing system. Keeping your roof shingles and flashing in topnotch condition can ensure that you stop major issues with your home’s roofing system. It can save you a lot in the long-term.

Many individuals are amazed to learn that there are a few basic steps to take to stay on top of residential roof repairs. Conducting regular maintenance on your roof is easy and it pays off.

Roof Repairs

A few of the top ways to stay on top of residential roof repairs include:

  • Maintaining clean and operating gutters to ensure water is properly guided away from your roof and house.
  • Checking for signs of shingle wear and/or damage at least twice each year (we recommend in the spring and fall). If you have any cracked or loose shingles, you should get them repaired immediately. Delaying the repair can cause bigger (and more expensive) problems with your roofing system.
  • Ensuring that your attic is adequately insulated and vented to stop roof-damaging dry rot in warmer weather.
  • Checking for sagging roof areas that might indicate an issue with the sheathing underneath your roof shingles.
  • Checking roof boots – the rubber coverings around vent pipes and skylight windows – to ensure they are not cracked or damaged. They will need to be replaced if damaged.

Safety Comes First

When performing a check in on your roof, be sure you are doing it safely. On single level homes, it could be simpler to inspect your roof from the ground. If you do not have confidence in your inspection of the roof, find someone who can help you inspect your roof and make the necessary minor repairs. We recommend you hire a professional to work on your roof.

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